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Nigari (Tofu coagulant)

Nigari (Tofu coagulant)

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Our nigari (Magnesium chloride) is made from natural sea water in Japan, and historically used for tofu making there. This is ideal coagulant for making authentic tofu in your home.

Nigari means "bitter" in Japanese and made from sea water. It has been used for making tofu for hundreds of years.

Tofu is a food made from soy beans by coagulating soy milk.
It is white-coloured and has a subtle flavour with soft gel-like texture. It naturally contains no animal-based element and is low in calories, while containing lots of protein. Thus tofu is considered to be an ideal meat substitute for vegans and anyone who prefers healthier food.

To make 500g of tofu, you need 250g of soy beans and 10g of nigari. Our Complete Tofu Making Kit has everything you need for tofu making including soy beans and nigari. If you need more of them you can also buy from us.

Happy tofu-making!

(The last two photos are tofu serving suggestions. The plate and dish are not included.)

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